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New NCAA Regulations on CBD Usage

CBD is slowly but surely dominating the market as we speak, especially in its usage for various medical purposes and with its availability facing an all-time high, it is no wonder why majority of the people in this population has already decided to focus on CBD and nothing else. Even with the fact that few of the medical benefits that are said to be derived from CBD still haven’t been proven scientifically, it’s impact on the industry is already immense and we could only expect that this impact would experience more tremendous growth when the study about it produces some results.

CBD has enormous impact as well in the sports industry to the point where even NCAA, the National College Athletic Association has made a move to re-organize their rules and regulations in accordance to the rise of the CBD. It is a given that if you’re suffering from a medical condition while being a student-athlete, you’re bound to feel more difficulties during your school life which your peers may not be dealing with. Although with CBD muscle spasms benefits and other effects, you could possibly deal with your condition and be able to play your sports, neglect on how to properly use it could lead to more potential problems. Here are some NCAA regulations on using CBD that you should know at the moment.

It is said that the NCAA is comparable to the US Military when it comes to their standards in regards to strict marijuana testing limits which they apply to thousands of schools under their wing. In the past, only up to 5ml cannabis including its components are allowed and nothing more, making it fairly difficult for many to overcome their problems.

By 2014, changes on the NCAA and cannabis usage have become vastly different from before and lower penalties were rendered for those who end up proven to be using marijuana. Despite the improvement, there were still many out there who weren’t able to use CBD to their advantage as it could still result to a season-long kick-out, while performance-enhancing drugs would still result for a longer period of penalty.

With the aid of time and diverse studies, the association has started to recently focus their attention on making sure that CBD would be used to aid those who are in need of its medical attention. Marijuana is still illegal for usage but CBD can now be used by athletes. Another thing to remember though, is that CBD oil muscle spasm remain not allowed for athletes.