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Want to Purchase Used Cisco Equipment? Here is What you should Look For

There is so much that a business needs with regards to IT procedures necessitating the right IT solutions partners. It’s great if you can buy a new one but not every business was created equal. If you are starting out or are a huge company that seeks to get more from less used Cisco is the option for you. It’s worth mentioning that you can get the best from as little as fifty to ninety percent of the buying price if the new one. Now that sounds like a good plan, hold your horses though there are a number of booby traps that you need to dismantle before you land your ultimate treasure, the Cisco equipment, the smell of it is very much tempting, very wonderful to all things IT in your firm.

A good place to start is by evaluating the vendor. Answers on who exactly is selling you the networking solutions should not just be forthcoming and convincing but also true. Only because it needs to be someone who knows a little something about Cisco equipment. This means that if need be, which it will they can run diagnostic tests on everything functionality and efficiency. They will have the time to test everything even the Cisco phones and do it thoroughly. If there is something you can’t afford to compromise on it’s the quality.

The sellers words alone should not sway you into buying a product it should be able to stand on its own when you search it. One way by having them provide you with some documentation or verification that indeed that’s the case. Not just by them but also involving a re-known association in that particular field to vouch for them. People selling quality products will never have qualms with offering warranty and huge amounts of it at that in this case ninety days to an year because they have confidence in their product. If a guarantee is not available or doesn’t match up to this criteria then you don’t have any business buying such equipment. Their testing space should be well equipped and spacious enough. This is where you and the seller should part.

About electrostatic discharge someone’s got to give you real assurance. The equipment could be down on simply a hundred volts of this which is why you need a discharge protector. This way your hardware and software can be protected. Anyone with an idea of what value their equipment is worth will ensure that the packaging itself looks its very best. A great website and reliability rating are something to go by. Are they throwing in a unique barcodes too? Say yes, what of clear counterfeit abatement processes? Make that a deal.

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